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PharmOut GMP Forum

By May 4, 2023May 11th, 2023No Comments

Dr Andrew Jones, Chemika’s Analytical Development Manager will be giving a talk on HPLC with post-column derivatisation at the PharmOut GMP Forum at Pullman Melbourne On The Park on Friday May 19th.

Post column derivatisation (PCD) is an application of HPLC which is spreading through the pharmacopoeias.

Systems can be assembled using conventional HPLC components and can make some compounds detectable without the use of specialist and expensive detectors such as mass spectrometers or electrospray ionisation detectors. The routine appearance of PCD in monographs for amino acids (ninhydrin positive substances), and mycotoxin testing makes the technique difficult to ignore.

USP testing of zinc in raw materials by USP <591> shows the applicability of the technique for the analysis of metals and suggests that PCD may be something we all need to learn how to implement. Or at the very least have sufficient understanding to be able to interpret or assess the quality of the data generated using these systems.

But what is a reaction coil anyway? How long does it need to be? How do I know if the system is working? Can I just buy one?

This presentation will discuss the setup of a PCD system and show that you may have all you need already on site. Optimisation and method development will also be discussed, as well as reasons why you would choose the technique over others. The techniques application for assays, impurity measurement or screening will be presented with exciting new technologies which look to making the systems even easier to implement.