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Improved monitoring for stability chambers

By January 23, 2024January 24th, 2024No Comments

Stability testing of new medical products or products in early stage clinical trial is one of the services offered by Chemika. Shelf life studies are complemented by method development and validation which allow our customers to register medicines or commence clinical trials, as well as ensuring stability data generated by Chemika is valid.

We have recently completed installation and validation of a new real time temperature monitoring system for temperature enclosures and critical areas of Chemika. Our walk in incubators are now fitted with cellular network connected temperature probes, which can continue to collect and process temperature even through power interruptions. Staff are notified of temperature excursions wherever they are located allowing prompt action to be taken.

The system was supplied and installed by Autima (formerly Beyond Wireless) who also supply monitoring systems to the Red Cross to allow for the temperature of vaccines and medications to be monitored in some of the most remote locations in the world.