Raw Materials Testing

We are proficient in testing a large number of sample types using a wide variety of techniques for methods which appear in the BP, USP, and Ph.Eur. Methods include traditional wet chemical techniques as well as specialised instrumental methods.

Chemika is committed to implementing methods from the major pharmacopoeias and has developed capabilities in the newest and oldest techniques contained in the thousands of monographs of the BP, USP, Ph.Eur. and JP. Changes to monographs occur often in response to new pharmaceutical materials, modernisation and harmonisation of monographs, and we respond by changing methods and implementing techniques as required.

With a focus on the needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers and researchers, Chemika has a history of responding quickly to ensure the testing capability is available in Australia. Recent examples of this is the implementation of new post-column derivatisation methods in the testing of amino acids for ninhydrin positive substances, and the implementation of the new testing requirements for elemental impurities in a way tailored to the requirements of our industry.