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Finished Product Testing

As a GMP licensed laboratory our results can be used for the release of pharmaceutical products for sale or for regulatory submissions. Thorough validation and verification procedures for methods and instrumentation means that results are consistency of a high quality and can be used with confidence.

As a GMP licensed testing laboratory, results generated by Chemika may be used for the release of product for supply and subsequent use in patients. Testing with this purpose requires a level of reliability beyond other industries where peoples’ lives are not directly affected.

The PIC/S code provides a roadmap for how GMP facilities operate, and it is through compliance to the code that Chemika achieves the quality objectives which we share with our customers. Reliable results are built on a foundation of fundamentally sound methods where performance is well understood and quantified through implementation of robust validation and verification protocols.

Chemika is equipped with a wide variety of equipment which allows for finished product testing across a variety of dosage forms.